The Billiards Room

Our billiards:

The great thing about Bowl El Paso is the different size balls you can use when you stop on by. Of course we are well-known for our state-of-the-art bowling alley – complete with forty lanes of glossy goodness. You can also enjoy the great music being played at the Brooklyn Lounge or stop by and let the kids check out the arcade for some friendly competition against their friends.

Bowl El Paso has a billiards parlor that is the perfect hangout for those not really interested in special shoes or bumpers for the kids on a Friday night. Stop searching for a great place to shoot a game of 9-ball with friends and see for yourself that you can do so much more than toss a game of ninepins. Trade in our games with lanes for something you can easily drop into your pocket with a perfect shot – across the table during a lively game of pool – we have great drink options too. Lots to see and lots to do when you stop in to El Paso’s premier entertainment center – Bowl El Paso – see you there!


Rack 'em up

Our pool tables are ready for some serious action for those who prefer to shoot balls with a cue stick instead. Whether you are a pro or simply a beginner looking for a quick game with some friends to mix things up – you are certain to “stick” around for a great time and have some fun. Not only can you shoot some pool on one of our ten pool tables – we also have flat screen action mounted on the wall so you can keep up with current pro action. Our billiards room will help you pass the time as you wait for your lanes to be ready for your next game of bowling. Stop by Bowl El Paso for a great day or night of entertainment. A famous quote once said “Time flies when you’re having fun” and the billiards room at Bowl El Paso is certain to make the time pass on by any night of the week.