Great Food

Hot fresh food!

What’s better than bowling with good friends and family? Bowling with good friends and family while enjoying great food and drinks at Bowl El Paso!

Bowl El Paso is an incredible spot for food lovers! Whether you’re craving pizza, burgers, wings, fries, sodas, nachos or quesadillas – Bowl El Paso has it all! Their food is cooked fresh daily and they have a ton of delicious options to choose from. Everything on the menu is amazing but what makes it unique? Their flavors! You get traditional tastes with a sassy twist. If you’re looking for food that will be sure to satisfy your cravings and tantalize your taste buds then Bowl El Paso is the place to go!


Let's Eat!

Bowl El Paso is a family owned establishment that is sure to please everyone! With food options ranging from pizza and burgers to fries and wings, there’s something for all taste buds. Don’t forget their wide array of sodas, nachos, and quesadillas that are perfectly paired with any meal. Whether you’re out with friends or grabbing a quick bite before the game, Bowl El Paso offers quality food with a memorable atmosphere! Come one, come all and let Bowl El Paso tantalize your palette!