Hall Rental

Hall Rental

There are many new things we are providing for the city of El Paso TX and one of those is our new El Paso Hall Rental. We have created a space for anyone to rent while also getting the luxury of professional service instead of doing things on your own.

We are extremely excited to have this space ready for your convenience. We set the mood as a space to gather around and add some bowling to the mix. We value any type of gathering that the hall will be used for and is available to provide everything you need for a successful event.

We have opened this space in order to have more opportunities for our guests to enjoy a party without just sitting around. This way, guests can have a great time at the event while also dabbling in a game or few of bowling. We know how much fun bowling can be with company you enjoy and this is why our venue will provide an ambience that can be formal but also full of enjoyment.

Hall Rental El Paso
Hall Rental El Paso

The Rental Hall

This space has been curated for any special day ahead. We will provide full service and make sure you are accommodated as comfortably and conveniently as possible.

Package information

We are committed to customer satisfaction and for this reason, we made sure that our packages include food and drinks. This takes away the stress from having to figure out ways to provide all guests with the commodities needed for a successful party.

There are two available spaces that fit different amounts of people. The original meeting room has a capacity of 50 people. This is a good space curated for parties that are for big events but also minimal and private. The capacity for the banquet room is 180. This area is perfect for bigger parties and for organization events.
Make sure to let your friends and family know about our hall rental options. We have everything you need for your special event. With the fully equipped kitchen, open bar, and bowling, you will be sure of an exceptional experience.

If you’re searching for a hall rental, El Paso’s Lane 41 has great options for any gathering required.
Our event venue will provide high quality service and attend all guests accordingly. With our party hall available to all, it is only a matter of calling and saving the date! Contact Us Today.