Live Music

Live Music Every Weekend

Are you looking to add some liveliness and excitement to your weekend? Bowl El Paso has got you covered! Every weekend they host live music, featuring everything from blues and jazz to classic rock-n-roll. If you love having a good time, dancing away with your friends, then Bowl El Paso is the perfect destination for you! Spend an evening in their lively atmosphere, experience their unique live entertainment lineup, and have a night of fun without ever needing to leave the city. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity – come to Bowl El Paso and have a great time every weekend!

Rock On!

Bowl El Paso is an excellent escape from the ordinary. We offer live rock-n-roll music and dancing every weekend, creating a truly energetic atmosphere perfect for a night out with friends. Whether you want to dance the night away or just listen to some live music while challenging your friends in a game of bowling, Bowl El Paso has exactly what you’re looking for. Stop in soon and experience the unique fun that this venue offers!