Lane 41


About Lane 41:

What’s the best thing about the upcoming weekends for a lot of people in El Paso? Well to put it lightly: El Pasoians like to drink. For some, it’s the best part of the weekend. That’s why at Bowl El Paso, we decided to expand on our entertainment to the people of El Paso by opening up Lane 41: our craft beer bar. At Lane 41, we offer a variety of craft beers that would satisfy any beer drinker, IPA lover, and stout connoisseur. What makes our craft beer special though is the quality that comes with them. We select the highest quality draft beers so that you can enjoy every sip in our cold pints. However, we don’t just limit ourselves to our draft beers. We offer other alcoholic beverages and mixed drinks to quench anybody’s thirst. Our selection is so wide that we go as far as offering a variety of spiked seltzers. From black cherry White Claw’s to tropical punch Truly’s. We offer only the best sparkling water seltzers that are made with natural fruit juices at 100 calories or less. We even offer other varieties of canned beverages that vary with ginger beer, lemon juices, pineapple juices, and even some that are gluten free!

Aside from our canned beverages, we offer a variety of mixed drinks for your personal enjoyment! At our full bar, we create classic cocktails and other cocktail recipes that will have you asking for a 2nd round. We only use the highest quality ingredients so that you can have the best cocktails. From our orange liqueurs, simple syrup with real cane sugar, to our orange juices and other mixers. We are so adamant about our mixed drinks and the city of El Paso, we get a majority of our liquors from Sun City Distillery. Sun City Distillery is the only small-batch distillery in El Paso that prides itself in high-quality, premium spirits. To help create amazing tasting liquors that show quality, even in easy mixed drinks. Finally, to seal your experience here, we package our drinks in our beautiful cocktail glasses so you could enjoy your drinks visually while at Lane 41.


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