Our Bowling Lanes:

A true love of bowling starts with the first pin. Bowling is a great way to have some fun with friends during the week or weekend and also a great way to move around and get some exercise in a fun and competitive way. Whether you are just starting out with two hands or can bowl three turkeys or a Deuce which is a game of 200 or more – Bowl El Paso is the perfect destination for bowling and even more in the Sun City.  We have been an El Paso favorite for years – however, now is the time to stop by to see how we have transformed ourselves into more than what you have always known us for – bowling.

Maybe you want to have some fun of a different variety and mix things up with some Rock-N-Bowl.  We turn off the lights and our forty lanes of fun is instantly transformed with black lights and music to create a fun and exciting party atmosphere. Bowl El Paso has transformed itself into a local favorite for great family fun. We have plenty of seating that will allow everyone in your party to have a great time while they wait for their turn.  If you have not had the chance to check out what we are all about – take a break from the daily grind and stop by for some fun at  Bowl El Paso.


Our bowling prices are certain not to break the bank and we have great specials for  bowling during the week.   You can come have a great time and blow off some steam with a game of ninepins at our bowling alley.


  • Monday: 2 hours $40 per lane per hour
  • Tuesday: $30 Buy 1 hour get 1 hour free 2 pm-9 pm Or $35 1 hour of bowling & 1 hour of billiards 5 pm -9 pm
  • Wednesday: 2 hours $40 per hour per lane
  • Thursday: $30 per hour per lane
  • Friday: $35 per hour per lane
  • Saturday: $35 per hour per lane
  • Sunday: $35 per hour per lane